0018-- benefit, good(-s, things), well.

0025-- (be-)love(-ed).

0050-- (be) ignorant(-ly), not know, not understand, unknown.

0058-- market(-place), street.

0165-- age, course, eternal, (for) ever(-more), [n-]ever, (beginning of the , while the) world (began, without end).

0191-- give (in the) audience (of), come (to the ears), ([shall]) hear(-er, -ken), be noised, be reported, understand.

0197-- more perfect(-ly).

0199-- circumspectly, diligently, perfect(-ly).

0231-- fisher(-man).

0243-- more, one (another), (an-, some an-)other(-s, -wise).

0245-- alien, (an-)other (man's, men's), strange(-r).

0260-- also, and, together, with(-al).

0266-- offence, sin(-ful).

0275-- without care(-fulness), secure.

0276-- immutable(-ility).

0318-- distress, must needs, (of) necessity(-sary), needeth, needful.

0363-- call to mind, (bring to , call to, put in), remember(-brance).

0426-- (should have) examined(-d).

0450-- arise, lift up, raise up (again), rise (again), stand up(-right).

0453-- fool(-ish), unwise.

0458-- iniquity, X transgress(-ion of) the law, unrighteousness.

0483-- answer again, contradict, deny, gainsay(-er), speak against.

0512-- unprofitable(-ness).

0516-- as becometh, after a godly sort, worthily(-thy).

0539-- deceit(-ful, -fulness), deceivableness(-ving).

0571-- that believeth not, faithless, incredible thing, infidel, unbeliever(-ing).

0572-- bountifulness, liberal(-ity), simplicity, singleness.

0575-- (X here-)after, ago, at, because of, before, by (the space of), for(-th), from, in, (out) of, off, (up-)on(-ce), since, with.

0591-- deliver (again), give (again), (re-)pay(-ment be made), perform, recompense, render, requite, restore, reward, sell, yield.

0619-- enjoy(-ment).

0656-- (put) out of the synagogue(-s).

0664-- sharply(-ness).

0684-- damnable(-nation), destruction, die, perdition, X perish, pernicious ways, waste.

0701-- (things that) please(-ing), reason.

0713-- enough, suffice(-ient).

0756-- (rehearse from the) begin(-ning).

0763-- ungodly(-liness).

0772-- more feeble, impotent, sick, without strength, weak(-er, -ness, thing).

0804-- certain(-ty), safe, sure.

0846-- her, it(-self), one, the other, (mine) own, said, ([self-], the) same, ([him-, my-, thy-])self, [your-]selves, she, that, their(-s), them([-selves]), there[-at, -by, -in, -into, -of, -on, -with], they, (these) things, this (man), those, together, very, which.

0848-- her (own), (of) him(-self), his (own), of it, thee, their (own), them(-selves), they.

0877-- folly, foolishly(-ness).

0878-- fool(-ish), unwise.

0891-- as far as, for, in(-to), till, (even, un-)to, until, while.

0899-- deep(-ness, things), depth.

0915-- barbarian(-rous).

0922-- burden(-some), weight.

0987-- (speak) blaspheme(-er, -mously, -my), defame, rail on, revile, speak evil.

0989-- blasphemer(-mous), railing.

1014-- be disposed, minded, intend, list, (be, of own) will(-ing).

1027-- thunder(-ing).

1078-- generation, nature(-ral).

1085-- born, country(-man), diversity, generation, kind(-red), nation, offspring, stock.

1093-- country, earth(-ly), ground, land, world.

1096-- arise, be assembled, be(-come, -fall, -have self), be brought (to pass), (be) come (to pass), continue, be divided, draw, be ended, fall, be finished, follow, be found, be fulfilled, + God forbid, grow, happen, have, be kept, be made, be married, be ordained to be, partake, pass, be performed, be published, require, seem, be showed, X soon as it was, sound, be taken, be turned, use, wax, will, would, be wrought.

1097-- allow, be aware (of), feel, (have) know(-ledge), perceived, be resolved, can speak, be sure, understand.

1125-- describe, write(-ing, -ten).

1127-- be vigilant, wake, (be) watch(-ful).

1139-- have a (be vexed with, be possessed with) devil(-s).

1163-- behoved, be meet, must (needs), (be) need(-ful), ought, should.

1184-- accepted(-table).

1208-- afterward, again, second(-arily, time).

1223-- after, always, among, at, to avoid, because of (that), briefly, by, for (cause)...fore, from, in, by occasion of, of, by reason of, for sake, that, thereby, therefore, X though, through(-out), to, wherefore, with(-in).

1239-- (make) distribute(-ion), divide, give.

1248-- (ad-)minister(-ing, -tration, -try), office, relief, service(-ing).

1252-- contend, make (to) differ(-ence), discern, doubt, judge, be partial, stagger, waver.

1253-- discern(-ing), disputation.

1261-- dispute, doubtful(-ing), imagination, reasoning, thought.

1275-- alway(-s), continually.

1291-- charge, that which was (give) commanded(-ment).

1294-- perverse(-rt), turn away.

1329-- expound, interpret(-ation).

1342-- just, meet, right(-eous).

1344-- free, justify(-ier), be righteous.

1346-- justly, (to) righteously(-ness).

1372-- (be, be a-)thirst(-y).

1377-- ensue, follow (after), given to, (suffer) persecute(-ion), press forward.

1380-- be accounted, (of own) please(-ure), be of reputation, seem (good), suppose, think, trow.

1382-- experience(-riment), proof, trial.

1391-- dignity, glory(-ious), honour, praise, worship.

1392-- (make) glorify(-ious), full of (have) glory, honour, magnify.

1398-- be in bondage, (do) serve(-ice).

1399-- handmaid(-en).

1401-- bond(-man), servant.

1411-- ability, abundance, meaning, might(-ily, -y, -y deed), (worker of) miracle(-s), power, strength,violence, mighty (wonderful) work.

1437-- before, but, except, (and) if, (if) so, (what-, whither-)soever, though, when(-soever), whether (or), to whom, [who-]so(-ever).

1438-- alone, her (own, -self), (he) himself, his (own), itself, one (to) another, our (thine) own(-selves), + that she had, their (own, own selves), (of) them(-selves), they, thyself, you, your (own, own conceits, own selves, -selves).

1461-- graff in(-to).

1492-- be aware, behold, X can (+ not tell), consider, (have) know(-ledge), look (on), perceive, see, be sure, tell, understand, wish, wot.

1500-- without a cause, (in) vain(-ly).

1519-- [abundant-]ly, against, among, as, at, [back-]ward, before, by, concerning, + continual, + far more exceeding, for [intent, purpose], fore, + forth, in (among, at, unto, -so much that, -to), to the intent that, + of one mind, + never, of, (up-)on, + perish, + set at one again, (so) that, therefore(-unto), throughout, til, to (be, the end, -ward), (here-)until(-to), ...ward, [where-]fore, with.

1520-- a(-n, -ny, certain), + abundantly, man, one (another), only, other, some.

1521-- bring in(-to), (+ was to) lead into.

1525-- X arise, come (in, into), enter in(-to), go in (through).

1529-- coming, enter(-ing) in (to).

1534-- after that(-ward), furthermore, then.

1536-- he that, if a(-ny) man('s thing, from any, ought), whether any, whosoever.

1537-- after, among, X are, at, betwixt(-yond), by (the means of), exceedingly, (+ abundantly above), for(-th), from (among, forth, up), + grudgingly, + heartily, X heavenly, X hereby, + very highly, in, ...ly, (because, by reason) of, off (from), on, out among (from, of), over, since, X thenceforth, through, X unto, X vehemently, with(-out).

1557-- (a-, re-)venge(-ance), punishment.

1563-- there, thither(-ward), (to) yonder (place).

1622-- but, except(-ed), other than, out of, outside, unless, without.

1654-- alms(-deeds).

1679-- (have, thing) hope(-d) (for), trust.

1691-- I, me, my(-self).

1722-- about, after, against, + almost, X altogether, among, X as, at, before, between, (here-)by (+ all means), for (...sake of), + give self wholly to, (here-)in(-to, -wardly), X mightily, (because) of, (up-)on, [open-]ly, X outwardly, one, X quickly, X shortly, [speedi-]ly, X that, X there(-in, -on), through(-out), (un-)to(-ward), under, when, where(-with), while, with(-in).

1743-- enable, (increase in) strength(-en), be (make) strong.

1781-- (give) charge, (give) command(-ments), injoin.

1797-- dream(-er).

1832-- be lawful, let, X may(-est).

1855-- out(-side, -ward, -wardly), (from) without.

1899-- after that(-ward), then.

1909-- about (the times), above, after, against, among, as long as (touching), at, beside, X have charge of, (be-, [where-])fore, in (a place, as much as, the time of, -to), (because) of, (up-)on (behalf of), over, (by, for) the space of, through(-out), (un-)to(-ward), with.

1921-- (ac-, have, take)know(-ledge, well), perceive.

1922-- (ac-)knowledge(-ing, -ment).

1950-- (be) forget(-ful of).

2032-- celestial, (in) heaven(-ly), high.

2040-- labourer, worker(-men).

2049-- (bring to, make) desolate(-ion), come to nought.

2052-- contention(-ious), strife.

2073-- evening(-tide).

2076-- are, be(-long), call, X can[-not], come, consisteth, X dure for a while, + follow, X have, (that) is (to say), make, meaneth, X must needs, + profit, + remaineth, + wrestle.

2080-- (with-)in(-ner, -to, -ward).

2081-- inward(-ly), (from) within, without.

2085-- teach other doctrine(-wise).

2089-- after that, also, ever, (any) further, (t-)henceforth (more), hereafter, (any) longer, (any) more(-one), now, still, yet.

2092-- prepared, (made) ready(-iness, to our hand).

2101-- acceptable(-ted), wellpleasing.

2106-- think good, (be well) please(-d), be the good (have, take) pleasure, be willing.

2124-- fear(-ed).

2137-- (have a) prosper(-ous journey).

2144-- acceptable(-ted).

2168-- (give) thank(-ful, -s).

2169-- thankfulness, (giving of) thanks(-giving).

2193-- even (until, unto), (as) far (as), how long, (un-)til(-l), (hither-, un-, up) to, while(-s).

2198-- life(-time), (a-)live(-ly), quick.

2205-- emulation, envy(-ing), fervent mind, indignation, jealousy, zeal.

2206-- affect, covet (earnestly), (have) desire, (move with) envy, be jealous over, (be) zealous(-ly affect).

2222-- life(-time).

2258-- + agree, be, X have (+ charge of), hold, use, was(-t), were.

2298-- marvel(-lous).

2311-- (lay the) found(-ation), ground, settle.

2328-- (be) warm(-ed, self).

2337-- (give) suck(-ling).

2347-- afflicted(-tion), anguish, burdened, persecution, tribulation, trouble.

2349-- mortal(-ity).

2392-- cure, heal(-ing).

2398-- X his acquaintance, when they were alone, apart, aside, due, his (own, proper, several), home, (her, our, thine, your) own (business), private(-ly), proper, severally, their (own).

2453-- Jew(-ess), of Judaea.

2455-- Juda(-h, -s); Jude.

2461-- horse(-men).

2471-- equal(-ity).

2478-- boisterous, mighty(-ier), powerful, strong(-er, man), valiant.

2511-- (make) clean(-se), purge, purify.

2512-- cleansing, + purge, purification(-fying).

2517-- after(-ward), by (in) order.

2549-- evil, malice(-iousness), naughtiness, wickedness.

2570-- X better, fair, good(-ly), honest, meet, well, worthy.

2588-- (+ broken-)heart(-ed).

2592-- be (bear, bring forth) fruit(-ful).

2596-- about, according as (to), after, against, (when they were) X alone, among, and, X apart, (even, like) as (concerning, pertaining to touching), X aside, at, before, beyond, by, to the charge of, [charita-]bly, concerning, + covered, [dai-]ly, down, every, (+ far more) exceeding, X more excellent, for, from...to, godly, in(-asmuch, divers, every, -to, respect of), ...by, after the manner of, + by any means, beyond (out of) measure, X mightily, more, X natural, of (up-)on (X part), out (of every), over against, (+ your) X own, + particularly, so, through(-oughout, -oughout every), thus, (un-)to(-gether, -ward), X uttermost, where(-by), with.

2617-- confound, dishonour, (be a-, make a-)shame(-d).

2633-- condemn(-ation).

2643-- atonement, reconciliation(-ing).

2664-- cease, (give) rest(-rain).

2671-- curse(-d, ing).

2675-- fit, frame, mend, (make) perfect(-ly join together), prepare, restore.

2730-- dwell(-er), inhabitant(-ter).

2745-- boasting, (whereof) to glory (of), glorying, rejoice(-ing).

2751-- shear(-er).

2753-- bid, (at, give) command(-ment).

2784-- preacher(-er), proclaim, publish.

2795-- (re-)move(-r), way.

2816-- be heir, (obtain by) inherit(-ance).

2842-- (to) communicate(-ation), communion, (contri-)distribution, fellowship.

2874-- dung(-hill).

2906-- clamour, cry(-ing).

2927-- hid(-den), inward[-ly], secret.

3000-- serve, do the service, worship(-per).

3004-- ask, bid, boast, call, describe, give out, name, put forth, say(-ing, on), shew, speak, tell, utter.

3009-- ministration(-try), service.

3011-- minister(-ed).

3029-- exceeding, great(-ly), sore, very (+ chiefest).

3056-- account, cause, communication, X concerning, doctrine, fame, X have to do, intent, matter, mouth, preaching, question, reason, + reckon, remove, say(-ing), shew, X speaker, speech, talk, thing, + none of these things move me, tidings, treatise, utterance, word, work.

3061-- pestilence(-t).

3076-- cause grief, grieve, be in heaviness, (be) sorrow(-ful), be (make) sorry.

3173-- (+ fear) exceedingly, great(-est), high, large, loud, mighty, + (be) sore (afraid), strong, X to years.

3177-- (by) interpret(-ation).

3182-- be drunk(-en).

3184-- drink well, make (be) drunk(-en).

3187-- elder, greater(-est), more.

3309-- (be, have) care(-ful), take thought.

3313-- behalf, course, coast, craft, particular (+ -ly), part (+ -ly), piece, portion, respect, side, some sort(-what).

3326-- after(-ward), X that he again, against, among, X and, + follow, hence, hereafter, in, of, (up-)on, + our, X and setting, since, (un-)to, + together, when, with (+ -out).

3350-- X brought, carried(-ying) away (in-)to.

3363-- albeit not, lest, that, no(-t, [-thing]).

3404-- hate(-ful).

3428-- adulteress(-ous, -y).

3433-- hardly, scarce(-ly), + with much work.

3474-- fool(-ish, X -ishness).

3521-- fast(-ing.).

3581-- host, strange(-r).

3597-- journey(-ing).

3606-- from thence, (from) whence, where(-by, -fore, -upon).

3609-- (those) of the (his own) house(-hold).

3614-- home, house(-hold).

3618-- (be in) build(-er, -ing, up), edify, embolden.

3619-- building, edify(-ication, -ing).

3624-- home, house(-hold), temple.

3666-- be (make) like, (in the) liken(-ess), resemble.

3686-- called, (+ sur-)name(-d).

3694-- after, back(-ward), (+ get) behind, + follow.

3699-- in what place, where(-as, -soever), whither (+ soever).

3723-- plain, right(-ly).

3735-- hill, mount(-ain).

3739-- one, (an-, the) other, some, that, what, which, who(-m, -se), etc.

3740-- as oft(-en) as.

3745-- all (that), as (long, many, much) (as), how great (many, much), [in-]asmuch as, so many as, that (ever), the more, those things, what (great, -soever), wheresoever, wherewithsoever, which, X while, who(-soever).

3748-- X and (they), (such) as, (they) that, in that they, what(-soever), whereas ye, (they) which, who(-soever).

3752-- as long (soon) as, that, + till, when(-soever), while.

3757-- where(-in), whither([-soever]).

3779-- after that, after (in) this manner, as, even (so), for all that, like(-wise), no more, on this fashion(-wise), so (in like manner), thus, what.

3784-- behove, be bound, (be) debt(-or), (be) due(-ty), be guilty (indebted), (must) need(-s), ought, owe, should.

3798-- even(-ing, [-tide]).

3811-- chasten(-ise), instruct, learn, teach.

3814-- bondmaid(-woman), damsel, maid(-en).

3816-- child, maid(-en), (man) servant, son, young man.

3842-- alway(-s), ever(-more).

3845-- (by) transgress(-ion).

3848-- breaker, transgress(-or).

3851-- not (to) regard(-ing).

3853-- (give in) charge, (give) command(-ment), declare.

3870-- beseech, call for, (be of good) comfort, desire, (give) exhort(-ation), intreat, pray.

3954-- bold (X -ly, -ness, -ness of speech), confidence, X freely, X openly, X plainly(-ness).

3956-- all (manner of, means), alway(-s), any (one), X daily, + ever, every (one, way), as many as, + no(-thing), X thoroughly, whatsoever, whole, whosoever.

3985-- assay, examine, go about, prove, tempt(-er), try.

4016-- array, cast about, clothe(-d me), put on.

4036-- exceeding (very) sorry(-owful).

4047-- obtain(-ing), peculiar, purchased, possession, saving.

4050-- abundance(-ant, [-ly]), superfluity.

4056-- more abundant(-ly), X the more earnest, (more) exceedingly, more frequent, much more, the rather.

4072-- fly(-ing).

4100-- believe(-r), commit (to trust), put in trust with.

4103-- believe(-ing, -r), faithful(-ly), sure, true.

4119-- X above, + exceed, more excellent, further, (very) great(-er), long(-er), (very) many, greater (more) part, + yet but.

4124-- covetous(-ness) practices, greediness.

4127-- plague, stripe, wound(-ed).

4143-- ship(-ing).

4151-- ghost, life, spirit(-ual, -ually), mind.

4160-- abide, + agree, appoint, X avenge, + band together, be, bear, + bewray, bring (forth), cast out, cause, commit, + content, continue, deal, + without any delay, (would) do(-ing), execute, exercise, fulfil, gain, give, have, hold, X journeying, keep, + lay wait, + lighten the ship, make, X mean, + none of these things move me, observe, ordain, perform, provide, + have purged, purpose, put, + raising up, X secure, shew, X shoot out, spend, take, tarry, + transgress the law, work, yield.

4178-- oft(-en, -entimes, -times).

4183-- abundant, + altogether, common, + far (passed, spent), (+ be of a) great (age, deal, -ly, while), long, many, much, oft(-en [-times]), plenteous, sore, straitly.

4190-- bad, evil, grievous, harm, lewd, malicious, wicked(-ness).

4212-- how oft(-en).

4218-- afore-(any, some-)time(-s), at length (the last), (+ n-)ever, in the old time, in time past, once, when.

4228-- foot(-stool).

4244-- (estate of) elder(-s), presbytery.

4245-- elder(-est), old.

4314-- about, according to , against, among, at, because of, before, between, ([where-])by, for, X at thy house, in, for intent, nigh unto, of, which pertain to, that, to (the end that), X together, to ([you]) -ward, unto, with(-in).

4328-- (be in) expect(-ation), look (for), when looked, tarry, wait for.

4337-- (give) attend(-ance, -ance at, -ance to, unto), beware, be given to, give (take) heed (to unto); have regard.

4348-- offence, stumbling(-block, [-stone]).

4391-- + be before(-time).

4408-- forepart(-ship).

4413-- before, beginning, best, chief(-est), first (of all), former.

4416-- firstbegotten(-born).

4434-- beggar(-ly), poor.

4437-- often(-er).

4506-- deliver(-er).

4536-- a trumpet: -- trump(-et).

4561-- carnal(-ly, + -ly minded), flesh([-ly]).

4572-- thee, thine own self, (thou) thy(-self).

4575-- Augustus(-').

4653-- dark(-ness).

4687-- sow(-er), receive seed.

4702-- corn(-field).

4710-- business, (earnest) care(-fulness), diligence, forwardness, haste.

4754-- soldier, (go to) war(-fare).

4773-- cousin, kin(-sfolk, -sman).

4791-- companion, partake(-r, -r with).

4803-- disputation(-ting), reasoning.

4819-- be(-fall), happen (unto).

4851-- be better for, bring together, be expedient (for), be good, (be) profit(-able for).

4903-- help (work) with, work(-er) together.

4904-- companion in labour, (fellow-)helper(-labourer, -worker), labourer together with, workfellow.

4970-- exceeding(-ly), greatly, sore, very.

5016-- trouble(-ing).

5029-- peradventure(-haps).

5047-- perfection(-ness).

5056-- + continual, custom, end(-ing), finally, uttermost.

5067-- four(-th).

5083-- hold fast, keep(-er), (pre-, re-)serve, watch.

5100-- a (kind of), any (man, thing, thing at all), certain (thing), divers, he (every) man, one (X thing), ought, + partly, some (man, -body, -thing, -what), (+ that no-)thing, what(-soever), X wherewith, whom[-soever], whose([-soever]).

5101-- every man, how (much), + no(-ne, thing), what (manner, thing), where ([-by, -fore, -of, -unto, -with, -withal]), whether, which, who(-m, -se), why.

5154-- third(-ly).

5156-- + tremble(-ing).

5198-- be in health, (be safe and) sound, (be) whole(-some).

5213-- ye, you, your(-selves).

5218-- obedience, (make) obedient, obey(-ing).

5228-- (+ exceeding, abundantly) above, in (on) behalf of, beyond, by, + very chiefest, concerning, exceeding (above, -ly), for, + very highly, more (than), of, over, on the part of, for sake of, in stead, than, to(-ward), very.

5278-- abide, endure, (take) patient(-ly), suffer, tarry behind.

5303-- that which is behind, (that which was) lack(-ing), penury, want.

5308-- high(-er, -ly) (esteemed).

5395-- flame(-ing).

5426-- set the affection on, (be) care(-ful), (be like-, + be of one, + be of the same, + let this) mind(-ed), regard, savour, think.

5427-- (be, + be carnally, + be spiritually) mind(-ed).

5429-- wise(-r).

5438-- cage, hold, (im-)prison(-ment), ward, watch.

5463-- farewell, be glad, God speed, greeting, hall, joy(-fully), rejoice.

5479-- gladness, X greatly, (X be exceeding) joy(-ful, -fully, -fulness, -ous).

5485-- acceptable, benefit, favour, gift, grace(-ious), joy, liberality, pleasure, thank(-s, -worthy).

5532-- business, lack, necessary(-ity), need(-ful), use, want.

5543-- better, easy, good(-ness), gracious, kind.

5544-- gentleness, good(-ness), kindness.

5550-- + years old, season, space, (X often-)time(-s), (a) while.

5624-- profit(-able).

0240-- each other, mutual, one another, (the other), (them-, your-)selves, (selves) together.

0302-- [what-, where-, wither-, who-)soever.

0326-- (be a-)live again, revive.

0344-- (re-)turn.

0584-- (ap-)prove, set forth, shew.

0645-- (with-)draw (away), after we were gotten from.

0740-- (shew-)bread, loaf.

0839-- (to-)morrow, next day.

0847-- (t-)here.

0862-- not (in-, un-)corruptible, immortal.

0950-- confirm, (e-)stablish.

1221-- (what-)soever.

1247-- (ad-)minister (unto), serve, use the office of a deacon.

1381-- allow, discern, examine, X like, (ap-)prove, try.

1453-- awake, lift (up), raise (again, up), rear up, (a-)rise (again, up), stand, take up.

1556-- a (re-)venge.

1558-- a (re-)venger.

1567-- en- (re-)quire, seek after (carefully, diligently).

1752-- because, for (cause, sake), (where-)fore, by reason of, that.

1759-- (t-)here, hither.

1854-- away, forth, (with-)out (of, -ward), strange.

1883-- above, more than, (up-)on, over.

1911-- beat into, cast (up-)on, fall, lay (on), put (unto), stretch forth, think on.

1945-- impose, be instant, (be) laid (there-, up-)on, (when) lay (on), lie (on), press upon.

1949-- catch, lay hold (up-)on, take (by, hold of, on).

1994-- come (go) again, convert, (re-)turn (about, again).

2087-- altered, else, next (day), one, (an-)other, some, strange.

2228-- and, but (either), (n-)either, except it be, (n-)or (else), rather, save, than, that, what, yea.

2250-- age, + alway, (mid-)day (by day, [-ly]), + for ever, judgment, (day) time, while, years.

2518-- (be a-)sleep.

2564-- bid, call (forth), (whose, whose sur-)name (was [called]).

2638-- apprehend, attain, come upon, comprehend, find, obtain, perceive, (over-)take.

2661-- (ac-)count worthy.

2855-- (money-)changer.

2875-- cut down, lament, mourn, (be-)wail.

3037-- (mill-, stumbling-)stone.

3049-- conclude, (ac-)count (of), + despise, esteem, impute, lay, number, reason, reckon, suppose, think (on).

3089-- break (up), destroy, dissolve, (un-)loose, melt, put off.

3112-- (a-)far (off), good (great) way off.

3122-- chiefly, most of all, (e-)specially.

3191-- imagine, (pre-)meditate.

3360-- till, (un-)to, until.

3383-- neither, (n-)or, so as much.

3571-- (mid-)night.

3598-- journey, (high-)way.

3670-- con- (pro-)fess, confession is made, give thanks, promise.

3671-- con- (pro-)fession, professed.

3872-- that (thing) which is committed (un-)to (trust).

3996-- mourn, (be-)wail.

4009-- end, ut-(ter-)most participle

4012-- (there-)about, above, against, at, on behalf of, X and his company, which concern, (as) concerning, for, X how it will go with, ([there-, where-]) of, on, over, pertaining (to), for sake, X (e-)state, (as) touching, [where-]by (in), with.

4377-- call unto, speak (un-)to.

4594-- this (to-)day.

4722-- (for-)bear, suffer.

4741-- fix, (e-)stablish, stedfastly set, strengthen.

5105-- there-(where-)fore.

5179-- en-(ex-)ample, fashion, figure, form, manner, pattern, print.

5217-- depart, get hence, go (a-)way.

5262-- en-(ex-)ample, pattern.

5263-- show, (fore-)warn.

0156-- accusation, case, cause, crime, fault, [wh-]ere[-fore].

0343-- open, ([un-])taken away.

0442-- human, common to man, man[-kind], [man-]kind, men's, after the manner of men.

0514-- due reward, meet, [un-]worthy.

0833-- court, ([sheep-])fold, hall, palace.

1176-- [eight-]een, ten.

1487-- forasmuch as, if, that, ([al-])though, whether.

2781-- [honey-]comb.

3361-- any but (that), X forbear, + God forbid, + lack, lest, neither, never, no (X wise in), none, nor, [can-]not, nothing, that not, un[-taken], without.

3487-- [spike-]nard.

3756-- + long, nay, neither, never, no (X man), none, [can-]not, + nothing, + special, un([-worthy]), when, + without, + yet but.

3844-- above, against, among, at, before, by, contrary to, X friend, from, + give [such things as they], + that [she] had, X his, in, more than, nigh unto, (out) of, past, save, side...by, in the sight of, than, [there-]fore, with.

4007-- [whom-]soever.

5449-- ([man-])kind, nature([-al]).

5610-- day, hour, instant, season, X short, [even-]tide, (high) time.

0026-- (feast of) charity([-ably]), dear, love.

0737-- this day (hour), hence[-forth], here[-after], hither[-to], (even) now, (this) present.

1204-- come (hither), hither[-to].

1220-- pence, penny[-worth].

1467-- can([-not]) contain, be temperate.

1741-- glorious, gorgeous[-ly], honourable.

1835-- sixty[-fold], threescore.

2309-- desire, be disposed (forward), intend, list, love, mean, please, have rather, (be) will (have, -ling, -ling[-ly]).

2316-- X exceeding, God, god[-ly, -ward].

2479-- ability, might([-ily]), power, strength.

2480-- be able, avail, can do([-not]), could, be good, might, prevail, be of strength, be whole, + much work.

2904-- dominion, might[-ily], power, strength.

2928-- hide (self), keep secret, secret[-ly].

3059-- railing, reproach[-fully].

3319-- among, X before them, between, + forth, mid[-day, -night], midst, way.

3457-- mill[-stone].

3641-- + almost, brief[-ly], few, (a) little, + long, a season, short, small, a while.

3772-- air, heaven([-ly]), sky.

4053-- exceeding abundantly above, more abundantly, advantage, exceedingly, very highly, beyond measure, more, superfluous, vehement[-ly].

4197-- journey[-ing], ways.

4263-- sheep([-fold]).

4286-- purpose, shew[-bread].

4312-- heady, rash[-ly].

4531-- move, shake (together), which can[-not] be shaken, stir up.

5124-- here [-unto], it, partly, self[-same], so, that (intent), the same, there[-fore, -unto], this, thus, where[-fore].

5125-- such, them, there[-in, -with], these, this, those.

5127-- here[-by], him, it, + such manner of, that, thence[-forth], thereabout, this, thus.

5129-- here[-by, -in], him, one, the same, there[-in], this.

5613-- about, after (that), (according) as (it had been, it were), as soon (as), even as (like), for, how (greatly), like (as, unto), since, so (that), that, to wit, unto, when([-soever]), while, X with all speed.

0393-- (a-, make to) rise, at the rising of, spring (up), be up.

0694-- money, (piece of) silver (piece).

0726-- catch (away, up), pluck, pull, take (by force).

0732-- sick (folk, -ly).

0744-- (them of) old (time).

0746-- beginning, corner, (at the, the) first (estate), magistrate, power, principality, principle, rule.

0749-- chief (high) priest, chief of the priests.

0770-- be diseased, impotent folk (man), (be) sick, (be, be made) weak.

0816-- behold earnestly (stedfastly), fasten (eyes), look (earnestly, stedfastly, up stedfastly), set eyes.

0851-- cut (smite) off, take away.

0868-- depart, draw (fall) away, refrain, withdraw self.

0861-- immortality, incorruption, sincerity.

0015-- (when) do good (well).

0021-- be (exceeding) glad, with exceeding joy, rejoice (greatly).

0023-- be much (sore) displeased, have (be moved with, with) indignation.

0027-- (dearly, well) beloved, dear.

0029-- compel (to go).

0039-- holiest (of all), holy place, sanctuary.

0040-- (most) holy (one, thing), saint.

0048-- purify (self).

0065-- olive tree (which is) wild.

0071-- be, bring (forth), carry, (let) go, keep, lead away, be open.

0091-- hurt, injure, be an offender, be unjust, (do, suffer, take) wrong.

0106-- unleavened (bread).

0142-- away with, bear (up), carry, lift up, loose, make to doubt, put away, remove, take (away, up).

0146-- given to (greedy of) filthy lucre.

0166-- eternal, for ever, everlasting, world (began).

0211-- (alabaster) box.

0226-- speak (tell) the truth.

0235-- and, but (even), howbeit, indeed, nay, nevertheless, no, notwithstanding, save, therefore, yea, yet.

0280-- (thing) without measure.

0299-- without blame (blemish, fault, spot), faultless, unblameable.

0303-- and, apiece, by, each, every (man), in, through.

0305-- arise, ascend (up), climb (go, grow, rise, spring) up, come (up).

0308-- look (up), see, receive sight.

0310-- cry (aloud, out).

0313-- beget, (bear) X (again).

0321-- bring (again, forth, up again), depart, launch (forth), lead (up), loose, offer, sail, set forth, take up.

0332-- (bind under a) curse, bind with an oath.

0345-- guest, lean, lie, sit (down, at meat), at the table.

0347-- lay, (make) sit down.

0353-- receive up, take (in, unto, up).

0364-- remembrance (again).

0373-- take ease, refresh, (give, take) rest.

0375-- send (again).

0377-- lean, sit down (to meat).

0397-- bring up, nourish (up).

0398-- (should) appear, discover.

0399-- bear, bring (carry, lead) up, offer (up).

0402-- depart, give place, go (turn) aside, withdraw self.

0461-- lift (set) up, make straight.

0499-- (like) figure (whereunto).

0501-- draw (out).

0505-- without dissimulation (hypocrisy), unfeigned.

0509-- from above, again, from the beginning (very first), the top.

0515-- desire, think good, count (think) worthy.

0517-- invisible (thing).

0518-- bring word (again), declare, report, shew (again), tell.

0520-- bring, carry away, lead (away), put to death, take away.

0522-- take (away).

0537-- all (things), every (one), whole.

0553-- look (wait) foreign

0565-- come, depart, go (aside, away, back, out,...ways), pass away, be past.

0586-- (give, pay, take) tithe.

0588-- accept, receive (gladly).

0589-- go (travel) into a far country, journey.

0595-- putting away (off).

0599-- be dead, death, die, lie a-dying, be slain (X with).

0600-- restore (again).

0606-- be appointed, (be) laid up.

0617-- roll away (back).

0626-- answer (for self), make defence, excuse (self), speak for self.

0627-- answer (for self), clearing of self, defence.

0628-- wash (away).

0630-- (let) depart, dismiss, divorce, forgive, let go, loose, put (send) away, release, set at liberty.

0639-- (stand in) doubt, be perplexed.

0647-- (writing of) divorcement.

0649-- put in, send (away, forth, out), set [at liberty].

0654-- bring again, pervert, turn away (from).

0659-- cast off, lay apart (aside, down), put away (off).

0667-- bring, carry (away).

0673-- depart (asunder).

0677-- none (void of, without) offence.

0683-- cast away, put away (from), thrust away (from).

0686-- haply, (what) manner (of man), no doubt, perhaps, so be, then, therefore, truly, wherefore.

0693-- (of) silver.

0733-- abuser of (that defile) self with mankind.

0752-- (chief) ruler of the synagogue.

0755-- governor (ruler) of the feast.

0757-- reign (rule) over.

0758-- chief (ruler), magistrate, prince, ruler.

0759-- (sweet) spice.

0764-- commit (live, that after should live) ungodly.

0765-- ungodly (man).

0805-- make fast (sure).

0807-- behave self uncomely (unseemly).

0837-- grow (up), (give the) increase.

0863-- cry, forgive, forsake, lay aside, leave, let (alone, be, go, have), omit, put (send) away, remit, suffer, yield up.

0886-- made without (not made with) hands.

0906-- arise, cast (out), X dung, lay, lie, pour, put (up), send, strike, throw (down), thrust.

0952-- profane (person).

0982-- of (pertaining to, things that pertain to) this life.

0985-- bring forth, bud, spring (up).

0991-- behold, beware, lie, look (on, to), perceive, regard, see, sight, take heed.

1009-- (vine) cluster (of the vine).

1024-- few words, little (space, while).

1025-- babe, (young) child, infant.

1026-- (send) rain, wash.

1060-- marry (a wife).

1063-- and, as, because (that), but, even, for, indeed, no doubt, seeing, then, therefore, verily, what, why, yet.

1066-- Gedeon (in the KJV).

1072-- fill (be) full.

1095-- be (wax) old.

1110-- acquaintance, (which may be) known, notable.

1119-- knee(X -l).

1172-- sup (X -er).

1181-- tenth (part), tithe.

1183-- pay (receive) tithes.

1188-- right (hand, side).

1189-- beseech, pray (to), make request.

1224-- come over, pass (through).

1231-- (would) enquire, know the uttermost.

1256-- dispute, preach (unto), reason (with), speak.

1263-- charge, testify (unto), witness.

1276-- go over, pass (over), sail over.

1280-- (be in) doubt, be (much) perplexed.

1282-- cut (to the heart).

1287-- disperse, scatter (abroad), strew, waste.

1290-- (which are) scattered (abroad).

1295-- bring safe, escape (safe), heal, make perfectly whole, save.

1299-- appoint, command, give, (set in) order, ordain.

1308-- be better, carry, differ from, drive up and down, be (more) excellent, make matter, publish, be of more value.

1325-- adventure, bestow, bring forth, commit, deliver (up), give, grant, hinder, make, minister, number, offer, have power, put, receive, set, shew, smite (+ with the hand), strike (+ with the palm of the hand), suffer, take, utter, yield.

1330-- come, depart, go (about, abroad, everywhere, over, through, throughout), pass (by, over, through, throughout), pierce through, travel, walk through.

1340-- confidently (constantly) affirm.

1358-- break through (up).

1360-- because (that), for, therefore.

1371-- cut asunder (in sunder).

1402-- bring into (be under) bondage, X given, become (make) servant.

1406-- piece (of silver).

1410-- be able, can (do, + -not), could, may, might, be possible, be of power.

1415-- able, could, (that is) mighty (man), possible, power, strong.

1439-- commit, leave, let (alone), suffer.

1447-- in (the) Hebrew (tongue).

1448-- approach, be at hand, come (draw) near, be (come, draw) nigh.

1449-- write (in).

1451-- from , at hand, near, nigh (at hand, unto), ready.

1482-- heathen (man).

1486-- be custom (manner, wont).

1489-- if (so be that, yet).

1490-- (or) else, if (not, otherwise), otherwise.

1494-- (meat, thing that is) offered (in sacrifice, sacrificed) to (unto) idols.

1499-- if (that), though.

1508-- but, except (that), if not, more than, save (only) that, saving, till.

1512-- if so be (that), seeing, though.

1514-- be at (have, live in) peace, live peaceably.

1524-- enter (go) into.

1530-- run (spring) in.

1531-- come (enter) in, go into.

1533-- bring (in), lead into.

1538-- any, both, each (one), every (man, one, woman), particularly.

1544-- bring forth, cast (forth, out), drive (out), expel, leave, pluck (pull, take, thrust) out, put forth (out), send away (forth, out).

1551-- expect, look (tarry) for, wait (for).

1554-- let forth (out).

1564-- from that place, (from) thence, there.

1565-- he, it, the other (same), selfsame, that (same, very), X their, X them, they, this, those.

1568-- affright, greatly (sore) amaze.

1571-- purge (out).

1581-- cut down (off, out), hew down, hinder.

1586-- make choice, choose (out), chosen.

1599-- send away (forth).

1601-- be cast, fail, fall (away, off), take none effect.

1602-- sail (away, thence).

1607-- come (forth, out of), depart, go (forth, out), issue, proceed (out of).

1614-- cast, put forth, stretch forth (out).

1621-- shake (off).

1624-- avoid, turn (aside, out of the way).

1627-- bear, bring forth, carry forth (out).

1632-- gush (pour) out, run greedily (out), shed (abroad, forth), spill.

1634-- give (yield) up the ghost.

1636-- olive (berry, tree).

1646-- least, very little (small), smallest.

1653-- have compassion (pity on), have (obtain, receive, shew) mercy (on).

1656-- (+ tender) mercy.

1658-- free (man, woman), at liberty.

1683-- me, mine own (self), myself.

1684-- come (get) into, enter (into), go (up) into, step in, take ship.

1689-- behold, gaze up, look upon, (could) see.

1692-- (will) spue.

1699-- of me, mine (own), my.

1706-- fall among (into).

1707-- entangle (in, self with).

1715-- against, at, before, (in presence, sight) of.

1716-- spit (upon).

1718-- appear, declare (plainly), inform, (will) manifest, shew, signify.

1727-- (over) against, contrary.

1731-- do, show (forth).

1735-- can (+ not) be.

1736-- be at home (present).

1746-- array, clothe (with), endue, have (put) on.

1753-- operation, strong, (effectual) working.

1754-- do, (be) effectual (fervent), be mighty in, shew forth self, work (effectually in).

1762-- be, (there) is.

1782-- (from) hence, on either side.

1788-- regard, (give) reference, shame.

1794-- wrap in (together).

1799-- before, in the presence (sight) of, to.

1806-- bring forth (out), fetch (lead) out.

1808-- put (take) away.

1817-- raise (rise) up.

1820-- (in) despair.

1821-- send (away, forth, out).

1831-- come (forth, out), depart (out of), escape, get out, go (abroad, away, forth, out, thence), proceed (forth), spread abroad.

1839-- amaze, be (make) astonished, be beside self (selves), bewitch, wonder.

1850-- exercise authority upon, bring under the (have) power of.

1861-- profess, (make) promise.

1869-- exalt self, poise (lift, take) up.

1872-- follow (after).

1877-- launch (thrust) out, return.

1879-- rest in (upon).

1887-- day following, morrow, next day (after).

1893-- because, else, for that (then, -asmuch as), otherwise, seeing that, since, when.

1894-- after that, because, for (that, -asmuch as), seeing, since.

1904-- come (in, upon).

1905-- ask (after, questions), demand, desire, question.

1907-- give (take) heed unto, hold forth, mark, stay.

1910-- come (into), enter into, go abroad, sit upon, take ship.

1917-- laying (lying) in wait.

1924-- inscription, write in (over, thereon).

1927-- [be] dwelling (which were) there, stranger.

1929-- deliver unto, give, let (+ [her drive]), offer.

1934-- desire, enquire, seek (after, for).

1936-- laying (putting) on.

1937-- covet, desire, would fain, lust (after).

1939-- concupiscence, desire, lust (after).

1941-- appeal (unto), call (on, upon), surname.

1961-- abide (in), continue (in), tarry.

1968-- fall into (on, upon) lie on, press upon.

1971-- (earnestly) desire (greatly), (greatly) long (after), lust.

1972-- earnest (vehement) desire.

1989-- write (a letter, unto).

1996-- gather (together).

1997-- assembling (gathering) together.

2005-- accomplish, do, finish, (make) (perfect), perform(X -ance).

2007-- add unto, lade, lay upon, put (up) on, set on (up), + surname, X wound.

2008-- (straitly) charge, rebuke.

2010-- give leave (liberty, license), let, permit, suffer.

2018-- add, bring (against), take.

2019-- cry (against), give a shout.

2021-- go about, take in hand (upon).

2023-- add, minister (nourishment, unto).

2026-- build thereon (thereupon, on, upon).

2036-- answer, bid, bring word, call, command, grant, say (on), speak, tell.

2038-- commit, do, labor for, minister about, trade (by), work.

2046-- call, say, speak (of), tell.

2071-- shall (should) be (have), (shall) come (to pass), X may have, X fall, what would follow, X live long, X sojourn.

2095-- good, well (done).

2097-- declare, bring (declare, show) glad (good) tidings, preach (the gospel).

2100-- please (well).

2107-- desire, good pleasure (will), X seem good.

2113-- (come) with a straight course.

2114-- be of good cheer (merry).

2119-- have leisure (convenient time), spend time.

2125-- (moved with) fear.

2129-- blessing (a matter of) bounty (X -tifully), fair speech.

2165-- fare, make glad, be (make) merry, rejoice.

2175-- sweet savour (smell, -smelling).

2176-- (on the) left.

2178-- (at) once (for all).

2186-- assault, come (in, to, unto, upon), be at hand (instant), present, stand (before, by, over).

2192-- be (able, X hold, possessed with), accompany, + begin to amend, can(+ -not), X conceive, count, diseased, do + eat, + enjoy, + fear, following, have, hold, keep, + lack, + go to law, lie, + must needs, + of necessity, + need, next, + recover, + reign, + rest, + return, X sick, take for, + tremble, + uncircumcised, use.

2212-- be (go) about, desire, endeavour, enquire (for), require, (X will) seek (after, for, means).

2233-- account, (be) chief, count, esteem, governor, judge, have the rule over, suppose, think.

2235-- already, (even) now (already), by this time.

2236-- most (very) gladly.

2245-- how (what) great.

2249-- us, we (ourselves).

2254-- our, (for) us, we.

2257-- our (company), us, we.

2288-- X deadly, (be...) death.

2289-- become dead, (cause to be) put to death, kill, mortify.

2293-- be of good cheer (comfort).

2300-- behold, look (upon), see.

2342-- (venomous, wild) beast.

2343-- lay up (treasure), (keep) in store, (heap) treasure (together, up).

2350-- make ado (a noise), trouble self, set on an uproar.

2358-- (cause) to triumph (over).

2365-- little (young) daughter.

2380-- kill, (do) sacrifice, slay.

2409-- (high) priest.

2425-- able, + content, enough, good, great, large, long (while), many, meet, much, security, sore, sufficient, worthy.

2427-- make able (meet).

2441-- apparel (X -led), array, raiment, vesture.

2443-- albeit, because, to the intent (that), lest, so as, (so) that, (for) to.

2476-- abide, appoint, bring, continue, covenant, establish, hold up, lay, present, set (up), stanch, stand (by, forth, still, up).

2485-- little (small) fish.

2504-- (and, even, even so, so) I (also, in like wise), both me, me also.

2507-- cast (pull, put, take) down, destroy.

2509-- (even, as well) as.

2521-- dwell, sit (by, down).

2523-- continue, set, sit (down), tarry.

2526-- according to that, (inasmuch) as.

2530-- (according, forasmuch) as, because (that).

2531-- according to, (according, even) as, how, when.

2540-- X always, opportunity, (convenient, due) season, (due, short, while) time, a while.

2546-- and there, there (thither) also.

2547-- and afterward (from) (thence), thence also.

2548-- and him (other, them), even he, him also, them (also), (and) they.

2553-- be afflicted, endure afflictions (hardness), suffer trouble.

2554-- do(ing) evil.

2573-- (in a) good (place), honestly, + recover, (full) well.

2579-- and (also) if (so much as), if but, at the least, though, yet.

2597-- come (get, go, step) down, fall (down).

2601-- bring (thrust) down.

2609-- bring (down, forth), (bring to) land, touch.

2618-- burn (up, utterly).

2620-- boast (against), glory, rejoice against.

2621-- keep, lie, sit at meat (down).

2625-- (make) sit down (at meat).

2628-- follow (after).

2634-- exercise dominion over (lordship), be lord over, overcome.

2635-- speak against (evil of).

2655-- be burdensome (chargeable).

2662-- trample, tread (down, underfoot).

2666-- devour, drown, swallow (up).[ knowledge.

2667-- fall (down)

2673-- abolish, cease, cumber, deliver, destroy, do away, become (make) of no (none, without) effect, fail, loose, bring (come) to nought, put away (down), vanish away, make void.

2714-- before (the presence of), in the sight of.

2716-- cause, to (deed), perform, work (out).

2718-- come (down), depart, descend, go down, land.

2722-- have, hold (fast), keep (in memory), let, X make toward, possess, retain, seize on, stay, take, withhold.

2724-- accusation (X -ed).

2729-- prevail (against).

2742-- (burning) heat.

2744-- (make) boast, glory, joy, rejoice.

2749-- be (appointed, laid up, made, set), lay, lie.

2756-- empty, (in) vain.

2758-- make (of none effect, of no reputation, void), be in vain.

2770-- (get) gain, win.

2793-- be in danger, be (stand) in jeopardy.

2808-- shut (up).

2827-- bow (down), be far spent, lay, turn to flight, wear away.

2837-- (be a-, fall a-, fall on) sleep, be dead.

2847-- scarlet (colour, coloured).

2853-- cleave, join (self), keep company.

2872-- (bestow) labour, toil, be wearied.

2896-- cry (out).

2901-- be strengthened, be (wax) strong.

2902-- hold (by, fast), keep, lay hand (hold) on, obtain, retain, take (by).

2903-- most excellent (noble).

2919-- avenge, conclude, condemn, damn, decree, determine, esteem, judge, go to (sue at the) law, ordain, call in question, sentence to, think.

2922-- to judge, judgment (seat).

2942-- (ship) master.

2943-- (round) about.

2944-- compass (about), come (stand) round about.

2955-- stoop (down).

2980-- preach, say, speak (after), talk, tell, utter.

2983-- accept, + be amazed, assay, attain, bring, X when I call, catch, come on (X unto), + forget, have, hold, obtain, receive (X after), take (away, up).

2999-- (divine) service.

3007-- be destitute (wanting), lack.

3063-- besides, finally, furthermore, (from) henceforth, moreover, now, + it remaineth, then.

3105-- be beside self (mad).

3107-- blessed, happy(X -ier).

3114-- bear (suffer) long, be longsuffering, have (long) patience, be patient, patiently endure.

3123-- + better, X far, (the) more (and more), (so) much (the more), rather.

3140-- charge, give [evidence], bear record, have (obtain, of) good (honest) report, be well reported of, testify, give (have) testimony, (be, bear, give, obtain) witness.

3195-- about, after that, be (almost), (that which is, things, + which was for) to come, intend, was to (be), mean, mind, be at the point, (be) ready, + return, shall (begin), (which, that) should (after, afterwards, hereafter) tarry, which was for, will, would, be yet.

3199-- (take) care.

3304-- nay but, yea doubtless (rather, verily).

3306-- abide, continue, dwell, endure, be present, remain, stand, tarry (for), X thine own.

3310-- part (X -akers).

3324-- replete (literally or figuratively): -- full.

3333-- call (for, hither).

3338-- repent (self).

3343-- call (send) foreign

3345-- transfer, transform (self).

3362-- X before, but, except, if, no, (if, + whosoever) not.

3364-- any more, at all, by any (no) means, neither, never, no (at all), in no case (wise), nor ever, not (at all, in any wise).

3366-- neither, nor (yet), (no) not (once, so much as).

3367-- any (man, thing), no (man), none, not (at all, any man, a whit), nothing, + without delay.

3371-- any longer, (not) henceforth, hereafter, no henceforward (longer, more, soon), not any more.

3378-- neither (followed by no), + never, not.

3379-- if peradventure, lest (at any time, haply), not at all, whether or not.

3381-- lest (by any means, by some means, haply, perhaps).

3391-- a (certain), + agree, first, one, X other.

3397-- a (little) (while).

3415-- be mindful, remember, come (have) in remembrance.

3439-- only (begotten, child).

3450-- I, me, mine (own), my.

3489-- make (suffer) shipwreck.

3516-- babe, child (+ -ish).

3547-- doctor (teacher) of the law.

3558-- south (wind).

3568-- henceforth, + hereafter, of late, soon, present, this (time).

3569-- (but) now.

3579-- entertain, lodge, (think it) strange.

3583-- dry up, pine away, be ripe, wither (away).

3603-- called, which is (make), that is (to say).

3610-- (household) servant.

3615-- they (them) of (his own) household.

3617-- goodman (of the house), householder, master of the house.

3634-- so (as), such as, what (manner of), which.

3646-- (whole) burnt offering.

3661-- with one accord (mind).

3663-- of (subject to) like passions.

3679-- cast in teeth, (suffer) reproach, revile, upbraid.

3697-- what manner (sort) of, such as whatsoever.

3704-- because, how, (so) that, to, when.

3710-- be angry (wroth).

3729-- run (violently), rush.

3753-- after (that), as soon as, that, when, while.

3754-- as concerning that, as though, because (that), for (that), how (that), (in) that, though, why.

3761-- neither (indeed), never, no (more, nor, not), nor (yet), (also, even, then) not (even, so much as), + nothing, so much as.

3762-- any (man), aught, man, neither any (thing), never (man), no (man), none (+ of these things), not (any, at all, -thing), nought.

3764-- as yet not, never before (yet), (not) yet.

3765-- after that (not), (not) any more, henceforth (hereafter) not, no longer (more), not as yet (now), now no more (not), yet (not).

3767-- and (so, truly), but, now (then), so (likewise then), then, therefore, verily, wherefore.

3768-- hitherto not, (no...) as yet, not yet.

3777-- neither, none, nor (yet), (no, yet) not, nothing.

3778-- he (it was that), hereof, it, she, such as, the same, these, they, this (man, same, woman), which, who.

3785-- would (to God.)

3793-- company, multitude, number (of people), people, press.

3796-- (at) even, in the end.

3801-- which art (is, was), and (which) wast (is, was), and art (is) to come (shalt be).

3806-- (inordinate) affection, lust.

3813-- (little, young) child, damsel.

3819-- any while, a great while ago, (of) old, in time past.

3822-- decay, make (wax) old.

3833-- all (whole) armour.

3834-- (cunning) craftiness, subtilty.

3855-- depart, pass (away, by, forth).

3860-- betray, bring forth, cast, commit, deliver (up), give (over, up), hazard, put in prison, recommend.

3863-- provoke to emulation (jealousy).

3868-- avoid, (make) excuse, intreat, refuse, reject.

3879-- look (into), stoop down.

3880-- receive, take (unto, with).

3885-- that had (sick of) the palsy.

3886-- feeble, sick of the (taken with) palsy.

3899-- go, pass (by).

3903-- prepare self, be (make) ready.

3908-- allege, commend, commit (the keeping of), put forth, set before.

3918-- come, X have, be here, + lack, (be here) present.

3928-- come (forth), go, pass (away, by, over), past, transgress.

3936-- assist, bring before, command, commend, give presently, present, prove, provide, shew, stand (before, by, here, up, with), yield.

3955-- be (wax) bold, (preach, speak) boldly.

3961-- tread (down, under foot).

3968-- (own) country.

3979-- a- (on) foot.

3980-- hearken, obey (magistrates).

3982-- agree, assure, believe, have confidence, be (wax) conflent, make friend, obey, persuade, trust, yield.

4008-- beyond, farther (other) side, over.

4013-- compass, go (round) about, lead about.

4014-- take away (up).

4015-- shine round (about).

4017-- look (round) about (on).

4024-- gird (about, self).

4026-- avoid, shun, stand by (round about).

4029-- be bound (compassed) with, hang about.

4043-- go, be occupied with, walk (about).

4045-- fall among (into).

4052-- (make, more) abound, (have, have more) abundance (be more) abundant, be the better, enough and to spare, exceed, excel, increase, be left, redound, remain (over and above).

4055-- more abundant, greater (much) more, overmuch.

4060-- bestow upon, hedge round about, put about (on, upon), set about.

4064-- bear (carry) about.

4066-- country (round) about, region (that lieth) round about.

4080-- how great (large).

4087-- be (make) bitter.

4092-- be (X should have) swollen.

4098-- fail, fall (down), light on.

4130-- accomplish, full (...come), furnish.

4133-- but (rather), except, nevertheless, notwithstanding, save, than.

4135-- most surely believe, fully know (persuade), make full proof of.

4136-- (full) assurance.

4137-- accomplish, X after, (be) complete, end, expire, fill (up), fulfil, (be, make) full (come), fully preach, perfect, supply.

4142-- boat, little (small) ship.

4147-- be increased with goods, (be made, wax) rich.

4148-- en- (make) rich.

4165-- feed (cattle), rule.

4169-- what (manner of), which.

4170-- fight, (make) war.

4198-- depart, go (away, forth, one's way, up), (make a, take a) journey, walk.

4203-- commit (fornication).

4214-- how great (long, many), what.

4217-- what (manner of).

4222-- give (make) to drink, feed, water.

4232-- (common, judgment) hall (of judgment), palace, praetorium.

4246-- aged (man), old man.

4250-- before (that), ere.

4254-- bring (forth, out), go before.

4260-- + be of a great age, go farther (on), be well stricken.

4262-- sheep (market).

4267-- foreknow (ordain), know (before).

4270-- before ordain, evidently set forth, write (afore, aforetime).

4271-- evident, manifest (open) beforehand.

4277-- forewarn, say (speak, tell) before.

4278-- begin (before).

4280-- foretell, say (speak, tell) before.

4281-- go before (farther, forward), outgo, pass on.

4288-- forwardness of mind, readiness (of mind), ready (willing) mind.

4293-- foretell, have notice, (shew) before.

4295-- be first, set before (forth).

4296-- before (first) preach.

4306-- provide (for).

4311-- accompany, bring (forward) on journey (way), conduct forth.

4327-- accept, allow, look (wait) for, take.

4334-- (as soon as he) come (unto), come thereunto, consent, draw near, go (near, to, unto).

4336-- pray (X earnestly, for), make prayer.

4341-- call (for, to, unto).

4342-- attend (give self) continually (upon), continue (in, instant in, with), wait on (continually).

4347-- cleave, join (self).

4350-- beat upon, dash, stumble (at).

4351-- roll (to).

4354-- speak to (with).

4355-- receive, take (unto).

4357-- abide still, be with, cleave unto, continue in (with).

4363-- beat upon, fall (down) at (before).

4366-- beat vehemently against (upon).

4370-- run (thither to, to).

4374-- bring (to, unto), deal with, do, offer (unto, up), present unto, put to.

4376-- offering (up).

4383-- (outward) appearance, X before, contenance, face, fashion, (men's) person, presence.

4386-- before, (at the) first, former.

4404-- early (in the morning), (in the) morning.

4410-- chief (highest, uppermost) seat.

4411-- chief (highest, uppermost) room.

4412-- before, at the beginning, chiefly (at, at the) first (of all).

4455-- at any time, + never (...to any man), + yet, never man.

4458-- haply, by any (some) means, perhaps.

4459-- how, after (by) what manner (means), that.

4463-- beat (with rods).

4474-- smite (with the palm of the hand).

4475-- (+ strike with the) palm of the hand, smite with the hand.

4483-- command, make, say, speak (of).

4486-- break (forth), burst, rend, tear.

4496-- cast (down, out), scatter abroad, throw.

4521-- sabbath (day), week.

4537-- (which are yet to) sound (a trumpet).

4601-- keep close (secret, silence), hold peace.

4603-- (of) iron.

4616-- (fine) linen (cloth).

4623-- dumb, (hold) peace.

4624-- (make to) offend.

4625-- occasion to fall (of stumbling), offence, thing that offends, stumblingblock.

4640-- leap (for joy).

4648-- consider, take heed, look at (on), mark.

4650-- disperse abroad, scatter (abroad).

4660-- trouble(self).

4674-- thine (own), thy (friend).

4675-- X home, thee, thine (own), thou, thy.

4685-- draw (out).

4689-- (be ready to) be offered.

4692-- (make, with) haste unto.

4697-- have (be moved with) compassion.

4703-- seed (X sown).

4704-- do (give) diligence, be diligent (forward), endeavour, labour, study.

4707-- more diligent (forward).

4719-- ear (of corn).

4739-- stand (fast).

4748-- walk (orderly).

4749-- long clothing (garment), (long) robe.

4762-- convert, turn (again, back again, self, self about).

4776-- (make) sit (down) together.

4789-- fellow (joint)-heir, heir together, heir with.

4790-- communicate (have fellowship) with, be partaker of.

4793-- compare among (with).

4796-- rejoice in (with).

4802-- dispute (with), enquire, question (with), reason (together).

4814-- commune (confer, talk) with, speak among.

4816-- gather (together, up).

4823-- consult, (give, take) counsel (together).

4828-- testify unto, (also) bear witness (with).

4845-- (fully) come, fill up.

4856-- agree (together, with).

4863-- + accompany, assemble (selves, together), bestow, come together, gather (selves together, up, together), lead into, resort, take in.

4867-- call (gather) together.

4873-- sit (down, at the table, together) with (at meat).

4874-- (have, keep) company (with).

4879-- carry (lead) away with, condescend.

4880-- be dead (die) with.

4883-- be fitly framed (joined) together.

4905-- accompany, assemble (with), come (together), come (company, go) with, resort.

4921-- approve, commend, consist, make, stand (with).

4932-- (cut) short.

4936-- run (together, with).

4937-- break (in pieces), broken to shivers (+ -hearted), bruise.

4972-- (set a, set to) seal up, stop.

4982-- heal, preserve, save (self), do well, be (make) whole.

4993-- be in right mind, be sober (minded), soberly.

5011-- base, cast down, humble, of low degree (estate), lowly.

5012-- humbleness of mind, humility (of mind, loneliness (of mind).

5013-- abase, bring low, humble (self).

5024-- even thus, (manner) like, so.

5026-- her, + hereof, it, that, + thereby, the (same), this (same).

5063-- (+ full, of) forty years (old).

5075-- (be) tetrarch.

5087-- + advise, appoint, bow, commit, conceive, give, X kneel down, lay (aside, down, up), make, ordain, purpose, put, set (forth), settle, sink down.

5093-- dear, honourable, (more, most) precious, had in reputation.

5108-- like, such (an one).

5118-- as large, so great (long, many, much), these many.

5123-- that is (to say).

5130-- such, their, these (things), they, this sort, those.

5158-- (even) as, conversation, [+ like] manner, (+ by any) means, way.

5195-- use despitefully, reproach, entreat shamefully (spitefully).

5206-- adoption (of children, of sons).

5209-- ye, you (+ -ward), your (+ own).

5210-- ye (yourselves), you.

5212-- your (own).

5214-- sing a hymn (praise unto).

5216-- ye, you, your (own, -selves).

5221-- (go to) meet.

5224-- goods, that which one has, things which (one) possesseth, substance, that hast.

5230-- + pass the flower of (her) age.

5236-- abundance, (far more) exceeding, excellency, more excellent, beyond (out of) measure.

5253-- upper chamber (room).

5256-- minister (unto), serve.

5265-- bind on, (be) shod.

5279-- put in mind, remember, bring to (put in) remembrance.

5281-- enduring, patience, patient continuance (waiting).

5288-- draw (keep) back, shun, withdraw.

5290-- come again, return (again, back again), turn back (again).

5293-- be under obedience (obedient), put under, subdue unto, (be, make) subject (to, unto), be (put) in subjection (to, under), submit self unto.

5302-- come behind (short), be destitute, fail, lack, suffer need, (be in) want, be the worse.

5305-- afterward, (at the) last (of all).

5311-- be exalted, height, (on) high.

5318-- abroad, + appear, known, manifest, open [+ -ly], outward ([+ -ly]).

5319-- appear, manifestly declare, (make) manifest (forth), shew (self).

5342-- be, bear, bring (forth), carry, come, + let her drive, be driven, endure, go on, lay, lead, move, reach, rushing, uphold.

5343-- escape, flee (away).

5348-- (already) attain, come, prevent.

5351-- corrupt (self), defile, destroy.

5360-- brotherly love (kindness), love of the brethren.

5382-- given to (lover of, use) hospitality.

5399-- be (+ sore) afraid, fear (exceedingly), reverence.

5404-- palm (tree).

5418-- hedge (+ round about), partition.

5432-- keep (with a garrison).

5442-- beward, keep (self), observe, save.

5453-- spring (up).

5455-- call (for), crow, cry.

5461-- enlighten, illuminate, (bring to, give) light, make to see.

5476-- on (to) the ground.

5483-- deliver, (frankly) forgive, (freely) give, grant.

5484-- be-(for) cause of, for sake of, +...fore, X reproachfully.

5486-- (free) gift.

5499-- made by (make with) hands.

5506-- (chief, high) captain.

5535-- (have) need.

5537-- be called, be admonished (warned) of God, reveal, speak.

5562-- come, contain, go, have place, (can, be room to) receive.

5567-- make melody, sing (psalms).

5590-- heart (+ -ily), life, mind, soul, + us, + you.

5595-- (bestow to) feed.

5600-- + appear, are, (may, might, should) be, X have, is, + pass the flower of her age, should stand, were.

5602-- here, hither, (in) this place, there.

5605-- travail in (birth).

5615-- even so, likewise, after the same (in like) manner.

5616-- about, as (it had been, it were), like (as).

5618-- (even, like) as.

5620-- (insomuch) as, so that (then), (insomuch) that, therefore, to, wherefore.